First Blog!

First blog ever!  This is quite exciting for me. 😛  What’s more exciting is that my book is available for purchasing!  I never thought I’d see the day where I could search my name on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc and find a book that I had written!

I really had so much fun writing The Secret of Blackjack Woods.  It’s a story that’s been forming in my head for years.  The first scene in the book where Jim’s mother and sister see something scary in the woods really happened!  My twin brother and I were sitting on the couch years ago, and my mom and sister came flying through the front door in a panic.  From then on, we have all spent a great amount of time making up stories about what they actually saw–my mom is partial to bigfoot.  The story has even been fun to tell guests over the years, and they always enjoy adding their own ideas (Chupacabra, Cara?).

Anyway, it really is a tribute to my family and where I grew up.  Hope you enjoy!

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