What if…

So I watched Joe Rogan’s new show on Syfy Wednesday night: Joe Rogan Questions Everything. It’s a show where Rogan will be investigating the unexplained, and his first episode was titled “Bigfoot Human Hybrid.” Rogan talked to different “experts” in different fields, who argued either for or against certain evidence. It was all very interesting, with really no questions being answered (did you expect any to be answered?). Basically, anyone who believes will continue to believe, and anyone who doesn’t believe still has no proof otherwise.

According to Rogan, bigfoot has been his own personal obsession from since he was a boy. He always was fascinated with the idea of some unknown, hairy creature hiding out in the woods. That’s exactly why I wrote my book. I wanted to capture that enthusiasm that comes with being a kid and letting your imagination run wild. Growing up where I did, when the darkness came and the woods were pitch black, it was easy to let my mind go crazy. I remember nights when my brother, sister, and I would be outside and talk about what was out there while looking, listening.  It was easy to freak ourselves out!

I think many people enjoy going through the “what ifs” in their minds. What is this was possible? What if that was real? That’s why writing is so much fun. You can make anything possible and entertain people along the way.

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