New Year, New Events

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season! Mine was quiet and nice. I was getting over a bad cold that came with terrible coughing (still coughing a bit now). With the down time, I got some great writing done. Excited!

Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas!

Book signing coming up! Craig Woolheater of and the newly resurrected Texas Bigfoot Research Center invited me to be a vendor at the Weird TexFest March 21-23! I’m going to be selling and signing my book at the event. Fun stuff! There are going to be some great speakers and vendors, so it’s sure to be a fun time. With anything “weird,” how can you go wrong?

Not only will the event be fun, but I love traveling. Anywhere. I’m reading up on sights around the event and what we can do while there. There’s some great history in the area. The festival will take place in Glen Rose, Texas, near Granbury. Apparently Granbury is where Davy Crockett’s family relocated after the famous battle of the Alamo. Legend has it, the famous outlaw Jesse James moved to Granbury, met a girl and fell in love, then returned to the town when he was 107 years old. Even his descendants travel to Granbury to pay their respects to Jesse!

Another legend has to do with the conspiracy theory that John Wilkes Booth fled to Glen Rose, changed his name, and lived in the area until he made a confession on his deathbed, alerting people to his true identity.  He then recovered and fled to Enid, Oklahoma, where he committed suicide.  What?!  I’ve never heard any of that until now.

Glen Rose was also a center for moonshining during Prohibition, even being called the “Whiskey Woods Capital” of Texas.

Close by is the Dinosaur Valley State Park.  I’d like to be able to see the dinosaur prints. They claim to have some of the best preserved dinosaur prints in the world. I remember loving dinosaurs, growing up—had a ton of books about them. I always thought it would be cool to find a dinosaur bone. I’ll be sure to take plenty of pictures of everything!  I’m still researching the area, so if I come up with anything else interesting, I’ll let you know.

Dinosaurs, outlaws, hidden assassins, and moonshine.  Good ol’ Texas. 😉

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