New Promotion!

New promotion!

As a Smashwords author, I signed up for a one week promotion to include my title in the Read an Ebook Week sale. It’s touted as an international celebration of ebooks, and it’s a great way to discover new books and new authors. It’s also a great way for authors to give back to their readers.

The Smashwords community is such a supportive one that I really wanted to participate in their promotion. So, beginning March 2 and going until Mark 8, my book, The Secret of Blackjack Woods, will be available for 50% off. It’s only available at this discounted price on Smashwords. While checking out, use the coupon code REW50.  Easy, right?

This really is a wonderful site for ebooks and indie authors. They have tons of amazing books at great prices.

Check out my discounted book here:

The Secret of Blackjack Woods

Ashlen Brown author page on Smashwords


Weird TexFest

I’m going to be attending the Weird TexFest in Glen Rose, Texas, near Fort Worth. It’s going to be a fun event, with lots of great speakers and entertainment. I’ve been added to the speakers list, so I’m excited about discussing my book with everyone!  Have to prepare a talk!  Ahh! 😉  Check out the event website:  Facebook page:

Tickets and additional information


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