The Original Texas Bigfoot Conference

A few weeks ago, I went to The Original Texas Bigfoot Conference to sell and sign my book. It was so much fun! I met a lot of nice, interesting people who were very supportive, and I got to see some of my wonderful new friends again—author Lyle Blackburn and his wife, Sandy, Craig Woolheater of, author Jen Devillier, and author Ken Gerhard.

The conference was held in the small town of Jefferson, Texas, which is full of history, tales of weird happenings, and small-town charm. It’s known as the “Riverport to the Southwest,” a name earned back in the time of steamboats, and the town really does hold a sense of timelessness. Nearby Caddo Lake is ground zero for bigfoot sightings in Texas, with eerie, dark water and cypress trees creating a spooky atmosphere.

While there, we were sure to get some of the local BBQ, which was delicious, and we stopped by the general store, which is like something out of the past. It has an amazing selection of candy that brings back memories of childhood, all sorts of fun trinkets, and a real soda fountain, complete with cute stools and hand-dipped ice cream cones. This place seemed to be the place for local kids and any kids visiting that weekend. One thing to remember about Jefferson: everything closes early! Seriously. Most places were closed by 5:00 at the latest. But not the general store.

Trains created a constant background noise while we were there, which I happen to like. You know the movie My Cousin Vinny? You know how Vinny couldn’t sleep because of the train coming through, blaring its horn at 5:00 in the morning? Yeah, it was almost like that, but I was able to sleep.

One friend I got to see again was Bryan, who I had met at the last conference I attended. He read my book and wrote a review for Monsters, Mysteries, and Mayhem, a group he helped found that discusses anything strange. It was great to see him again, and to visit with everyone else I hadn’t seen in a while!


The Secret of BLACKJACK Woods

“A True Encounter that Inspired the Story of Charlie”

By Ashlen Brown

During the first chapter or so, this story heads in the direction of a serious Bigfoot encounter that could shake up a family. Soon the scene transforms into an adventure of a lifetime. It also serves as a shining example of a family going through hardships, tough communications, and sticking together when it matters most.

Ashlen takes you on an up and down journey that explores the possibilities of Bigfoot. We have all heard about primates who can learn sign language and communicate to humans. In this story, let your imagination wander and how that communication might actually by possible between a Bigfoot and a human.

The descriptive way the 21 acres of property is presented is a testament to the details of the story. The 21 acres has thick woods, trails, wildlife, a lake, and hmmmm…a “Charlie”. As the story progresses, this area becomes as much a character as anyone.

The Cliffhanger will not disappoint, and if you get emotional sometimes, well, you might get at least one tissue ready. It’s all good. This story is exciting and suspenseful at times, but it can be read by anyone in your family.

A little inside info: The young girl and the older boy were modeled after Ashlen’s siblings, who were actually involved with the sighting many years ago.

Be looking for Ashlen’s new book called, “The Secret of HOKE Farm”. It is a continuation of the first story, but it will delve more into the Big Guys with another adventure to boot. It may be out by Thanksgiving, but definitely slated for the Fall of 2014.

Bryan Impey

(Monsters, Mysteries, and Mayhem)

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