Christmas Gifts


xmas 2Doing a little Christmas shopping? Grab some copies of The Secret of Blackjack Woods and The Secret of Hoke Farm for the readers in your life! Since they were written with the whole family in mind, anyone in your family will love them. I’ve been receiving some wonderful feedback from kids lately, in addition to the fantastic reviews from adults.

I remember reading books as a kid—well, all my life—and getting lost in the stories. They were almost better than movies because they lasted longer, they were more detailed, and I could use my imagination to make them come alive. Books can put you in the holiday spirit, they can make you happy, make you feel, they entertain.

They also teach.

Aside from information and some tidbits that you can pick up from reading interesting books—both fiction and non-fiction—you learn comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure, and just plain how to write. In the time when everyone uses social media, text messages, and emails to interact on a daily basis, writing is a skill that can set you above the rest. I found an interesting article regarding kids, reading, and how it can help prepare them for college and beyond. Check out the article here.

So find some well-written books and have your kids enjoy them!  On a side note, don’t both of my books look great with a red ribbon on them? 🙂

The Secret of Blackjack Woods is available anywhere eBooks are sold and paperbacks are available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

The Secret of Hoke Farm is available in both eBook and paperback.

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