Review of Eve by JM Bailey



Synopsis:  Out on a weekend excursion, Anna decides to explore one more wilderness road before she heads home and soon finds herself stuck high up on a narrow mountain pass. She is forced to stay overnight in her car where a vicious storm washes out the road, leaving her stranded. Desperate and scared, she comes face to face with a newly confirmed species that was once only a legend. Terrified yet drawn to her deepest obsession, she attempts contact and is taken on a journey so incredible, her life will never be the same.


JM Bailey’s Eve is a story that’s not to be missed.

Bailey writes what she loves, and you can tell she loves it. The enthusiasm she brings to her story is palpable. Her descriptions of the beautiful wilderness of California make you feel like you’re there, and they begin to feel like home. Anna is an interesting character who shows both strength and vulnerability when faced with the seemingly impossible. Despite her reservations, she dives right into this unseen world, and her risk pays off. Eve herself becomes just as much a character as Anna, and Bailey deftly strikes a balance between getting to know Eve and keeping her elusive. This balance allows you to marvel at everything you learn about Eve and to want to know more, while keeping the feeling of her being an unattainable creature.  It makes for one exciting story that will leave you asking, “What happens next?”

Her book will draw those who believe and will leave them completely satisfied. For those who may not quite believe in the creature, it’s an enthralling story that will leave them completely entertained.  Grab this book and settle in for an amazing story with a most amazing being, Eve.

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