Review of Iron Mountain Ridge

Synopsis:  In this highly anticipated sequel to Eve, Anna returns to Iron Mountain Ridge in search of Eve and Me-aka, bringing along her husband, David. The two of them embark on a new journey in an attempt to cross the cultural bridge between the two species. What they find, though, far surpasses anything either of them could have prepared for, and a series of events is set in motion so complex, only one of them will be able to complete what was started. Join them as they climb high and encounter the unknown world that was started in Eve, and escalates to yet another life-changing event. Will this be the end? Or will Anna and David come to terms with and accept their new roles in the lives of Eve, her clan, and their species?





Iron Mountain Ridge is the sequel to Eve, and it takes the story to a whole new level. Bailey continues her intense journey, while adding a new element—a look through the eyes of Me-aka, a young female sasquatch. She cleverly gives us insight into these beings, making them relatable and developing other characters to fall in love with. It’s fun to see what they’re thinking, how they live, and their culture. The descriptions of the gathering feel as though you’re watching a documentary on these sasquatches of her world.

Bailey’s use of the prologue and epilogue builds suspense and tension that make you wish that you could know just what’s going to happen next—and right now. This book will draw you into the secret world that Bailey has created and leave you hoping that the last installment comes quickly!

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