Awesome weekend!


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Had an amazing time at the PhilosoPhenomena Unity Fest! I went as a vendor and sold both of my books, including Hoke Farm for the first time at an event. My sister made me a set of cute bigfoot bookmarks, and I made some yummy chocolate bigfoot cookies, so my table looked great! It was a fun time to see some wonderful friends and catch up. I got Lyle Blackburn’s Lizard Man and Jen Devillier’s Dark Night Haunting, so I have some fun reading ahead! I’ll let you all know all about both.

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My dog, Zippy, even sat with me at my table for a little bit and seemed to enjoy the festivities.

Unfortunately, I had to leave a bit early, but it was for a great reason: I had to get home so I could run my first half marathon with my brother the next day! It was a great run, we finished strong, and had a fun time. I love the stuff we get from runs—t-shirts, medals, freebies. Afterwards, they provided some great food and green beer to match the St. Paddy’s Day theme. There were bagpipers along the route, they played some rock music at other spots, and tons of volunteers cheered us on every step of the way.

Overall, it was a great weekend!  I’m really excited about the new book and the book events are great.  I enjoy talking to people who like the topic and like adventure.

Till next time!

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