Reviews, as promised!

As promised…

I read Lyle Blackburn’s Lizard Man: The True Story of the Bishopville Monster.  It was another great read! If you like weird stories about strange creatures, you will enjoy this one. Like The Legend of Boggy Creek, Blackburn takes you through the stories from beginning to present. He includes history of the area, local culture, and paints a picture of all the locations in the stories. Starting from the first encounter, he takes you in chronological order through each story, and his writing style and inclusion of pictures and old documents makes you feel a part of each event. I really can’t say enough about his talent for putting you in the middle of the story. What I really like is that he simply includes facts and lets you decide for yourself what happened. One chapter also gives alternative explanations and discusses the facts as they are. It’s an interesting book for any cryptozoology enthusiast or anyone interested in spooky happenings.

I also read Jennifer Devillier’s Dark Night Haunting.  Having known Jen for a year, it was great to read her personal story. She’s very candid about her life, which is a good way to see how her gift has affected her and helped her over the years. She also gives good information about how paranormal investigations are conducted and the type of equipment used. For anyone interested in the real story of how these investigations work, this is a great book.

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