Free Books at Smashwords!



REBW 2016

Hey, everyone! It’s that time again – Smashwords is doing their Read an E-book Week! It’s a great company, and they’re provided a great way to let authors and readers find each other through e-books. This week only, tons of e-books will be hugely discounted or free, so go ahead and browse! Find something you like. It’s a great way to satisfy that reading bug you’ve caught, even if you usually enjoy having those hard copies. It’s like a party for the book-obsessed and authors!

Following tradition, my Blackjack Woods series will be FREE! Grab a copy of each and enjoy. Want a free copy of my books? Don’t want to browse? Go straight to each here: The Secret of Blackjack Woods, The Secret of Hoke Farm, and Beyond Blackjack Woods. Use the promo code RW100 at checkout. It’s that easy! If you find yourself entertained, please leave a review!

Happy reading!


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