Deception by Blood by my friend, SN Miner

Hello, everyone! My friend has made her writing debut with her new book, Deception by Blood! Cool title, huh? She has been writing this for a decade—since high school, really. It’s her baby, and I have to say, it’s amazing that she wrote this! I’m excited for her, and I hope you all check it out.  Amazing!!  It’s a really cool vampire story, more mature than Twilight. Here’s the synopsis:

In year 1901, a group of adventurers stumble upon a tomb of a medieval vampire. To their surprise they have more in common with him than they think… The Guardian of Light, Draish Jau-Ri is the only one that can save their world from eternal darkness; but they are to find that things aren’t so black and white…

Congratulations to SN Miner!!  Can’t wait to read it!


Check it out on Amazon here.

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