About Me

Ashlen Brown & ZippyI always loved creative writing in school. Writing assignments were never dull for me, but I ended up taking a different path in my school career. I got my degree in biology and then my master’s degree in forensic science and biomedical sciences. My love of writing never left me, though. When I finally had some time while working on research, I used my free time to write. The writing ended up taking the form of my first novel, The Secret of Blackjack Woods. I knew when I began, I wanted something that was fresh and fun for people of all ages. Growing up in the rural area that I did, I had adventure all of my life, and I wanted to impart that adventure in my story, with a little twist. I also wanted to create a strong sense of family, since I had a strong family life growing up. What I ended up with is a story that’s fun for anyone, big or small, and I wish for you to enjoy some adventure in your life.

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