Getting ready!

Update! My idea is in progress. The Thomases are joining us on our investigation of the area I was telling you about. Actually, we’ll be joining them at Blackjack Woods, then we’re all going to be heading back to the site. I’m sooooo excited to see everyone again! I wonder how big the little ones will be? It’s going to be great. And hopefully my idea will work.

Anyway, the stories from this new place are credible, and we’re hoping for some great activity. The more I think about it, what I saw was what I think I saw. It was a sign of bigfoot activity. Thinking about what I saw made me wonder what everyone else has experienced or thinks. What do you think the bigfoot live in? What types of homes do they make? Do they make homes? What have you seen. Not to sound like a know-it-all, but the homes I know of are nest-like. They’re really quite incredible structures. They look so…natural. I truly believe we’re in the right place for finding one.

So we’re prepping to make our way to Blackjack Woods, then to the investigation. Pete, Larry, and I have been packing and gathering our research. I got a lot of food because Pete and Larry (especially Pete) are excited about having our own food with us. Did I mention we got an RV? Yeah, so we got a cheap, used RV to travel in and be comfortable, and let me tell you, I never knew how comfortable it could be. We had some trouble figuring everything out at first, but now we know how to hook it up and empty everything that needs to be emptied and how to use the generator and such. It’s been great! We haven’t driven off with the awning out yet, but I’m sure with this crew, we’ll have something crazy like that happen.

So, here we go.

Crazy, Scary Incident!

Oh. WOW. Hello again. Pete, Larry, and I just got back from an investigation of the older woman’s property. Gotta tell ya, that was scary, thrilling, and hopeful. I can’t really get into what we saw, but wow. We have the proof! That’s right, we found proof of sasquatch activity. Now, you know our ultimate goal is to find Charlie’s siblings, but we also want to continue studying these magnificent creatures. So, this is great news either way!

The scary incident? Hint: what does a bigfoot eat for dinner and where might it eat it? Think of the craziest place and the smelliest thing it might eat—that’s what we found! There was something nearby that told us exactly what had eaten this thing, so I’m positive.

Anywho, Larry was pretty scared, but we got out of there safely, and I promptly sent a picture of the evidence to Jim, so we’ll see what the Thomases decide.

New investigation and new thoughts

Hey, friends! Wow, so there’s some exciting stuff happening now. We’re at our latest investigation spot. It’s actually not too far from the last one I wrote about. This time, we have more people with incredible stories. In fact, I just spoke to one older woman who sounded so sincere and positive about what she saw that I can’t help believing her. She’s the cutest thing and still so sharp at her age! I’ll be writing more about what she saw later. Maybe in book form? I don’t know. But we did a little walk-through on her land after speaking with her, and I swear I saw something. You know when you see something so…ordinary…but something in your head tells you that it’s not? That’s what happened to me. I’m just sure what I saw was something that will lead us to some answers for Jim.

Pete, Larry, and I will be going to investigate on her property tomorrow. I just hope we can finally get some information for Jim and Charlie. They deserve some success here. We all do.

Oh wow! I just had an idea. Could it be that easy? Could it really help? I don’t want to write down my thoughts just yet. Hold tight, and I’ll get back to you!

Investigation Update

So, we’ve been investigating and have some exciting things to talk about, but for now, we’re sworn to silence.  I wanted to share as soon as it all happened, but I couldn’t, so I tried to carry on like nothing has happened.  It’s hard.  Really hard.  As soon as I can, I’ll be letting you know whatever I can tell you without putting anyone in danger.  For now, all I can give you is a story that we were working on in the fall of 2014.  I wrote this update back then, but something more important came up and I didn’t get a chance to publish this.  Still, I thought anyone who enjoys hearing about the hairy fellas would want to know:


Fall 2014:

Pete, Larry, and I have been investigating strange claims here and there, hoping to catch more proof of the elusive bigfoot creatures. We’re hoping to gather more information on how many there might be, and we have a special, super-secret mission we’re working on.

Our most recent investigation took us nearly to Louisiana, where we were investigating the encounter of a young couple who had moved into the wife’s parent’s home. They were only there about three months before they started hearing strange things and noticing a distinct lack of wildlife around their home. Several months back, as they walked along a path on their property, they say they saw a huge, hairy beast, walking on two feet. It noticed them, then seemed to approach. As it came nearer, it suddenly froze, watched them for a moment, then turned and took off through the woods.

They read about us and contacted us for help. We packed up and went to investigate for a couple of days. It was rather uneventful, unfortunately. There were no sounds other than coyotes, no footprints, no other physical evidence of anything unusual. Most compelling, when we interviewed the couple, they showed us where the creature had been spotted. We asked them how tall they believed it to be, and they both pointed to the same branch of a nearby tree as being its height. When we sent Pete over to see how tall it might have been, they pointed him to the right spot, but the branch, it turns out, was only at about five feet tall, not the eight feet they claimed. We also found evidence that someone had been hunting out there. Someone human. So, we concluded that perhaps they had mistaken a hunter for something else.

Most of our investigations have gone similarly. That’s just the nature of the job, eh? Hopes aren’t deterred—we’re still sure that we’ll find what we’re looking for.

On to the next!

“Year of the Sasquatch”

So in the last couple of days, there have been two bigfoot stories that have gained national attention. I love these stories. Not because they’re all so believable, but because they are a fun way to bring attention to these wonderful creatures. I know plenty of people hate the hoaxes because they aren’t taking a serious subject seriously at all, but let’s face it, most people don’t believe bigfoot are real. What these stories do is get people talking, get people thinking about it. We need people to open their minds, because one day they’re all going to be faced with the reality of living bigfoot.

The first was a rather lame attempt at photoshopping a bigfoot in the swamp. A 66-year-old fisherman supposedly captured the image of the elusive beast “bathing” in Tampa’s Hillsborough River. A close-up of the mysterious being shows a very gorilla-like face pasted on what looks like some sort of suit. The funny part of this attempt is that in Florida, there is said to be a bigfoot-like creature that lives in the swampy areas, and it’s often referred to as a Skunk Ape (due to their smell). Now, whoever made this picture obviously heard this name and actually drew what looks like a white skunk stripe down the middle of this thing’s face! Funny stuff. Here’s an article about the picture and story.

Bathing Bigfoot
Courtesy Patch, My Fox Tampa.


The second story comes from Arizona, where the Arizona Department of Transportation posted a picture from one of its traffic feeds to its Facebook page—a picture of a supposed bigfoot family crossing the road! I can personally relate to this one. Right? Right? I mean, I’ve seen a bigfoot family with my own eyes (read The Secret of Hoke Farm for a more-or-less accurate account of my experience), and that is quite a sight to behold. Turns out, the ADT seems to like to have fun with its viewers, so this can be chalked up to yet another fun hoax.

Check out the video and article here.

Another article out of Florida asks if this is the year of the bigfoot. Only six days into the new year, we’ve already had two bigfoot stories go viral. Yes, they were hoaxes, but the fact that they did go viral shows that people are craving these stories. People are interested. People want to believe. It’s catching the eye of people of all types and word is spreading.

What I like about these stories is that they bring bigfoot into the spotlight. While some are people trying to get their 15 minutes of fame, others put stories out there for fun, making it clear that they’re just winking to the belief of something so amazing. As someone who knows these beings exist, I like the idea of more and more people thinking about these creatures, questioning their existence, and becoming open to the idea of them.

Christmas surprises

I hope all of you had a merry Christmas!  I sure did.  Had a great time with my family.  Pete and Larry came over for dinner, and Pete brought his parents and brother.  It was great! Great people, great food, great fun.  Watched some great holiday classics on TV, sang the heck out of some carols (I’m not the best singer).  Yep, an all-around fun time.


I’ve been having a nice break from school.  Yep, I’m back in school.  Can’t really believe it, but I’m excited.  Larry and I have done some great work on his film project these last few days. I’ve been helping him with his script and ideas, but he really doesn’t need my help.  I think he just likes having another set of eyes and someone to assure him that it’s great.  And it really is.


As far as investigations, we’ve been taking a little break from going anywhere and have just been doing some research.  If anyone has any stories or sightings that we need to check out, please email me with your story and location.  We just may be able to head your way and check it out.  Currently, we’re sifting through some new encounters that were sent to us and hoping to have a new schedule of investigations soon.


I got a wonderful package in the mail, too.  The sweet Thomas family sent me a package filled with gifts from each of the family members, including the hairy ones!  I’ll share a couple of its contents with you, but shhh, no telling anyone else!

Jilly's drawing.
Jilly’s drawing.

The first thing I’m sharing with you is a drawing by none other than Jilly Thomas.  She’s quite a talent, eh?  Apparently that’s Jilly with Scar and Charlie (check out those scars on Scar!).  Of course, Jim wrote that Scar and Charlie should be a lot bigger than they are in respect to Jilly’s size, but we won’t say anything to her, okay?  I think it’s wonderful.


Charlie's gift.
Charlie’s gift.

So, according to Jim, this is what Charlie picked out for me.  They’re beautiful and smell nice, but do you think Charlie gets what gift giving is?  Or is Jim pulling my leg?  Either way, I’ll treasure these forever…or at least until they fall apart.


Well, that’s it!  That’s all about my Christmas holiday.  Hope yours was just as wonderful and more!


Random thought

What’s your take on the capitalization and plural of bigfoot? My thinking is that it’s the name of this animal, so it would not be capitalized. We don’t capitalize dog, cat, etc., so why capitalize bigfoot? Unless you’re using it as a pronoun, no capitalization is necessary. As for the plural, I say that it’s like fish, deer, bear, things like that. We don’t say fishes, deers, or bears. I would say bigfoot is both singular and plural.

What do you say?

How it all began…

So this is a new blog, but I’ve been at this for a while. You know, investigating stories of strange creatures.  I started out in college, with my two best friends, Pete and Larry. Pete loves to shoot videos, and Larry wants to write/direct movies. So we thought we would combine our talents and feature them on a web show. The bigfoot thing was pretty big at the time, so we thought we’d jump into that, make our own web show, hopefully break into the TV business. And I liked biology and wildlife, so this was a great project to get some exposure. We started researching bigfoot—what he might be, where he might be, how best to investigate. Boy were we not ready for what we found.

A short while ago, after a couple of years in the business, we were investigating this small Texas town, like we had done before in other places. The stories there were fantastic. Great stuff. You couldn’t make up better stuff. So we thought it would make a great place for an investigation. While we were getting settled into town, we met a family. We’ll call them the Thomas family, since that’s what they’re called in the books. But anyway, boy did they change everything for us.

After interviewing much of the townspeople, plenty had stories, but most didn’t want any trouble. They felt like our being there would draw some negative attention to their town. We made a deal with Mr. Hoke to investigate on his farm, which was absolutely beautiful. We did an investigation one day, heard some sounds, but nothing really started up until Jim and Jack Thomas came with us.

Jim and Jack were a son and father team who came to investigate the sightings. We found out that Jim really liked the idea of bigfoot and wanted to investigate, so I thought it would be cool to have a kid come along, sort of like a mascot/junior investigator. It turns out that this amazing family has a really personal connection to the big fella, and they were looking for more of these guys. I think they got more than they bargained for, but Pete, Larry, and I were glad to help.

I don’t want to give away too much here (there’s a book that details the incredible story), but suffice it to say, we ended up meeting some amazing beings. I came face-to-face with bigfoot, and I’m totally a believer.

Now, Pete, Larry, and I are still working together, but our focus is to protect these guys. I’m getting my degree in biology, Pete’s still doing photography and shooting videos, and we both are helping Larry make a movie based on our experiences. But while we’re not doing that, we’re investigating and hopefully finding where there may be other bigfoot. When the world is ready, we want to help make sure they’re protected.

So what do you think—do you believe?

Disclaimer: The names of people and places and the dates of some of the events have been changed to protect the identities of those involved.