Christmas surprises

I hope all of you had a merry Christmas!  I sure did.  Had a great time with my family.  Pete and Larry came over for dinner, and Pete brought his parents and brother.  It was great! Great people, great food, great fun.  Watched some great holiday classics on TV, sang the heck out of some carols (I’m not the best singer).  Yep, an all-around fun time.


I’ve been having a nice break from school.  Yep, I’m back in school.  Can’t really believe it, but I’m excited.  Larry and I have done some great work on his film project these last few days. I’ve been helping him with his script and ideas, but he really doesn’t need my help.  I think he just likes having another set of eyes and someone to assure him that it’s great.  And it really is.


As far as investigations, we’ve been taking a little break from going anywhere and have just been doing some research.  If anyone has any stories or sightings that we need to check out, please email me with your story and location.  We just may be able to head your way and check it out.  Currently, we’re sifting through some new encounters that were sent to us and hoping to have a new schedule of investigations soon.


I got a wonderful package in the mail, too.  The sweet Thomas family sent me a package filled with gifts from each of the family members, including the hairy ones!  I’ll share a couple of its contents with you, but shhh, no telling anyone else!

Jilly's drawing.
Jilly’s drawing.

The first thing I’m sharing with you is a drawing by none other than Jilly Thomas.  She’s quite a talent, eh?  Apparently that’s Jilly with Scar and Charlie (check out those scars on Scar!).  Of course, Jim wrote that Scar and Charlie should be a lot bigger than they are in respect to Jilly’s size, but we won’t say anything to her, okay?  I think it’s wonderful.


Charlie's gift.
Charlie’s gift.

So, according to Jim, this is what Charlie picked out for me.  They’re beautiful and smell nice, but do you think Charlie gets what gift giving is?  Or is Jim pulling my leg?  Either way, I’ll treasure these forever…or at least until they fall apart.


Well, that’s it!  That’s all about my Christmas holiday.  Hope yours was just as wonderful and more!


Random thought

What’s your take on the capitalization and plural of bigfoot? My thinking is that it’s the name of this animal, so it would not be capitalized. We don’t capitalize dog, cat, etc., so why capitalize bigfoot? Unless you’re using it as a pronoun, no capitalization is necessary. As for the plural, I say that it’s like fish, deer, bear, things like that. We don’t say fishes, deers, or bears. I would say bigfoot is both singular and plural.

What do you say?

How it all began…

So this is a new blog, but I’ve been at this for a while. You know, investigating stories of strange creatures.  I started out in college, with my two best friends, Pete and Larry. Pete loves to shoot videos, and Larry wants to write/direct movies. So we thought we would combine our talents and feature them on a web show. The bigfoot thing was pretty big at the time, so we thought we’d jump into that, make our own web show, hopefully break into the TV business. And I liked biology and wildlife, so this was a great project to get some exposure. We started researching bigfoot—what he might be, where he might be, how best to investigate. Boy were we not ready for what we found.

A short while ago, after a couple of years in the business, we were investigating this small Texas town, like we had done before in other places. The stories there were fantastic. Great stuff. You couldn’t make up better stuff. So we thought it would make a great place for an investigation. While we were getting settled into town, we met a family. We’ll call them the Thomas family, since that’s what they’re called in the books. But anyway, boy did they change everything for us.

After interviewing much of the townspeople, plenty had stories, but most didn’t want any trouble. They felt like our being there would draw some negative attention to their town. We made a deal with Mr. Hoke to investigate on his farm, which was absolutely beautiful. We did an investigation one day, heard some sounds, but nothing really started up until Jim and Jack Thomas came with us.

Jim and Jack were a son and father team who came to investigate the sightings. We found out that Jim really liked the idea of bigfoot and wanted to investigate, so I thought it would be cool to have a kid come along, sort of like a mascot/junior investigator. It turns out that this amazing family has a really personal connection to the big fella, and they were looking for more of these guys. I think they got more than they bargained for, but Pete, Larry, and I were glad to help.

I don’t want to give away too much here (there’s a book that details the incredible story), but suffice it to say, we ended up meeting some amazing beings. I came face-to-face with bigfoot, and I’m totally a believer.

Now, Pete, Larry, and I are still working together, but our focus is to protect these guys. I’m getting my degree in biology, Pete’s still doing photography and shooting videos, and we both are helping Larry make a movie based on our experiences. But while we’re not doing that, we’re investigating and hopefully finding where there may be other bigfoot. When the world is ready, we want to help make sure they’re protected.

So what do you think—do you believe?

Disclaimer: The names of people and places and the dates of some of the events have been changed to protect the identities of those involved.