Here are some resources that I think you may find helpful in your search for bigfoot.

  • Ashlen Brown
    • Wonderful website with great information regarding the big fella (and writing).
    • While she writes fiction, I have to say that she has it right!  Get her two books, The Secret of Blackjack Woods and The Secret of Hoke Farm.  They have some great information, along with a great way to look at the bigfoot species.
  • Cryptomundo
    • Great site by Craig Woolheater detailing accounts of sightings and other great info.
  • Lyle Blackburn
    • Awesome website and books that everyone into bigfoot would want to read.
  • On Facebook?  Check out the group Monsters, Mysteries, and Mayhem.
    • Great group of people who discuss all sorts of mysterious creatures and sightings.

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