New investigation and new thoughts

Hey, friends! Wow, so there’s some exciting stuff happening now. We’re at our latest investigation spot. It’s actually not too far from the last one I wrote about. This time, we have more people with incredible stories. In fact, I just spoke to one older woman who sounded so sincere and positive about what she saw that I can’t help believing her. She’s the cutest thing and still so sharp at her age! I’ll be writing more about what she saw later. Maybe in book form? I don’t know. But we did a little walk-through on her land after speaking with her, and I swear I saw something. You know when you see something so…ordinary…but something in your head tells you that it’s not? That’s what happened to me. I’m just sure what I saw was something that will lead us to some answers for Jim.

Pete, Larry, and I will be going to investigate on her property tomorrow. I just hope we can finally get some information for Jim and Charlie. They deserve some success here. We all do.

Oh wow! I just had an idea. Could it be that easy? Could it really help? I don’t want to write down my thoughts just yet. Hold tight, and I’ll get back to you!