Getting ready!

Update! My idea is in progress. The Thomases are joining us on our investigation of the area I was telling you about. Actually, we’ll be joining them at Blackjack Woods, then we’re all going to be heading back to the site. I’m sooooo excited to see everyone again! I wonder how big the little ones will be? It’s going to be great. And hopefully my idea will work.

Anyway, the stories from this new place are credible, and we’re hoping for some great activity. The more I think about it, what I saw was what I think I saw. It was a sign of bigfoot activity. Thinking about what I saw made me wonder what everyone else has experienced or thinks. What do you think the bigfoot live in? What types of homes do they make? Do they make homes? What have you seen. Not to sound like a know-it-all, but the homes I know of are nest-like. They’re really quite incredible structures. They look so…natural. I truly believe we’re in the right place for finding one.

So we’re prepping to make our way to Blackjack Woods, then to the investigation. Pete, Larry, and I have been packing and gathering our research. I got a lot of food because Pete and Larry (especially Pete) are excited about having our own food with us. Did I mention we got an RV? Yeah, so we got a cheap, used RV to travel in and be comfortable, and let me tell you, I never knew how comfortable it could be. We had some trouble figuring everything out at first, but now we know how to hook it up and empty everything that needs to be emptied and how to use the generator and such. It’s been great! We haven’t driven off with the awning out yet, but I’m sure with this crew, we’ll have something crazy like that happen.

So, here we go.

Crazy, Scary Incident!

Oh. WOW. Hello again. Pete, Larry, and I just got back from an investigation of the older woman’s property. Gotta tell ya, that was scary, thrilling, and hopeful. I can’t really get into what we saw, but wow. We have the proof! That’s right, we found proof of sasquatch activity. Now, you know our ultimate goal is to find Charlie’s siblings, but we also want to continue studying these magnificent creatures. So, this is great news either way!

The scary incident? Hint: what does a bigfoot eat for dinner and where might it eat it? Think of the craziest place and the smelliest thing it might eat—that’s what we found! There was something nearby that told us exactly what had eaten this thing, so I’m positive.

Anywho, Larry was pretty scared, but we got out of there safely, and I promptly sent a picture of the evidence to Jim, so we’ll see what the Thomases decide.