Crazy, Scary Incident!

Oh. WOW. Hello again. Pete, Larry, and I just got back from an investigation of the older woman’s property. Gotta tell ya, that was scary, thrilling, and hopeful. I can’t really get into what we saw, but wow. We have the proof! That’s right, we found proof of sasquatch activity. Now, you know our ultimate goal is to find Charlie’s siblings, but we also want to continue studying these magnificent creatures. So, this is great news either way!

The scary incident? Hint: what does a bigfoot eat for dinner and where might it eat it? Think of the craziest place and the smelliest thing it might eat—that’s what we found! There was something nearby that told us exactly what had eaten this thing, so I’m positive.

Anywho, Larry was pretty scared, but we got out of there safely, and I promptly sent a picture of the evidence to Jim, so we’ll see what the Thomases decide.

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