Investigation Update

So, we’ve been investigating and have some exciting things to talk about, but for now, we’re sworn to silence.  I wanted to share as soon as it all happened, but I couldn’t, so I tried to carry on like nothing has happened.  It’s hard.  Really hard.  As soon as I can, I’ll be letting you know whatever I can tell you without putting anyone in danger.  For now, all I can give you is a story that we were working on in the fall of 2014.  I wrote this update back then, but something more important came up and I didn’t get a chance to publish this.  Still, I thought anyone who enjoys hearing about the hairy fellas would want to know:


Fall 2014:

Pete, Larry, and I have been investigating strange claims here and there, hoping to catch more proof of the elusive bigfoot creatures. We’re hoping to gather more information on how many there might be, and we have a special, super-secret mission we’re working on.

Our most recent investigation took us nearly to Louisiana, where we were investigating the encounter of a young couple who had moved into the wife’s parent’s home. They were only there about three months before they started hearing strange things and noticing a distinct lack of wildlife around their home. Several months back, as they walked along a path on their property, they say they saw a huge, hairy beast, walking on two feet. It noticed them, then seemed to approach. As it came nearer, it suddenly froze, watched them for a moment, then turned and took off through the woods.

They read about us and contacted us for help. We packed up and went to investigate for a couple of days. It was rather uneventful, unfortunately. There were no sounds other than coyotes, no footprints, no other physical evidence of anything unusual. Most compelling, when we interviewed the couple, they showed us where the creature had been spotted. We asked them how tall they believed it to be, and they both pointed to the same branch of a nearby tree as being its height. When we sent Pete over to see how tall it might have been, they pointed him to the right spot, but the branch, it turns out, was only at about five feet tall, not the eight feet they claimed. We also found evidence that someone had been hunting out there. Someone human. So, we concluded that perhaps they had mistaken a hunter for something else.

Most of our investigations have gone similarly. That’s just the nature of the job, eh? Hopes aren’t deterred—we’re still sure that we’ll find what we’re looking for.

On to the next!

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